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The journey is a kind of door through which you get out of reality as if to penetrate into an unexplored reality that seems like a dream. Guy De Maupassant

For over 15 years, we have been creating unforgettable trips for the world’s best Tour Operators and Travel Agencies. We operate from Italy, with a sales office in Sao Paulo in Brazil, in over 40 countries with an offer that includes customized and thematic packages in Italy and neighboring European countries. We don’t have customers, but “partners”; to them we don’t “provide services”, but with them we cooperate and share objectives: this is our key to achieve and share success, and best satisfy the desires of travelers.


“We are aware that providing excellent service is important but not sufficient to ensure customer satisfaction. Our goal is to transform our relationship with partners into a positive and lasting experience, through respect, trust and honesty, precision, reliability, innovation and creativity”.


“Starting from afar to get far. From a small point on the map of the world, to another on the opposite side, transmit to our partners and their customers, the pride of our land, the enthusiasm in welcoming, the determination to do better, reliability and professionalism in relationships”.


“Every day we are committed to fostering a climate of collaboration and cooperation within our company and all our partners, with a proactive and helpful attitude, and with attention to the general benefits and not only to private ones.”


It started out as a passion, almost for fun, for the pleasure of traveling and the satisfaction of organizing.

It has become a company that promotes Italian culture, its traditions, history, art, nature, cities and villages around the world, in a sustainable way that respects people and the environment.

Max, the founder, after traveling all over the world for years for work and passion, has discovered that organizing trips for others, tell the story of Italy, show the beauty of his land around the world, but above all give the opportunity to share this experience to others, would be even more rewarding and exciting.

This is how VoglioVolare (transl. “I want to fly”) Tour Operator was born, as a dream, just like the dream of being able to fly. From a small office on the outskirts of a small town in southern Italy, thanks to the quality of the services offered, the maniacal attention to detail, the extreme customization of each activity, the vocation for hospitality, and the immense passion, dedication and professionalism of the staff, in short, the dream becomes a success story, and begins to fly around the world. Partnerships are multiplying, so the markets of reference: from Europe, to the United States, then in Asia and finally in Latin America. In 2014 the company doubles its activities in VoglioVolare Tour Operator (M.I.C.E., FIT/ English speaking inbound groups, and Outbound) and “GrandEuropa Turismo Receptivo”, the operational arm of the tour operator in Latin America, and while the internal staff grows and multiplies, the head office is moved and today is in a large office in the city center.

In 2019, the further turning point: the restyling of the company logos and the opening of the sales office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a reference center for the entire area, closer and closer to our partners.

Waiting for the next trip, and the new destination.

Size matters, quality even more.

A small company, but with a great shared passion.

A staff made up of competent, passionate and professional people, who share values, objectives and respect for others.

We consider an act of trust from of our partners to ask us for the trips dreamed of by their customers, to become a reality. And we repay this trust