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Italy has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites; owns 65% of all works of art and monuments of artistic value in the world, it is a true open-air museum. Rome, Florence, Assisi, Venice, Siena, Pisa, Naples are among the most famous cities in the country, but ITALY is dotted with historic cities of incomparable beauty. Visiting Italy means getting in touch with the past, and living it with an infinite variety of cultures, dialects, cuisine, traditions. Our itineraries bring travelers to know these places, the famous ones and the remote ones, where time stands still, and history and art pervade the spirit.

Italy has always been synonymous of “fine Food&Drink”, an explosion of unmistakable flavors, tastes and smells. It is the most famous cuisine in the world, and offers more than an immense variety of different dishes and recipes for each municipality, province, region. Our “routes of taste” are a journey into Italian gastronomic culture, in search of traditional flavors, genuine products, simple foods based on classic cuisine or offering innovative dishes, but inspired by tradition.



Traveling in Italy means living in a dense environment of masterpieces that live in a natural communion between landscape and culture, history and art, architecture and urban planning: an exciting journey from the times of the ancient Romans and Greeks to the present day, just as full of suggestions artistic and cultural. An offer of experiences and discoveries ranging from the most famous museums and historical and archaeological sites, to unusual places outside the classic, exclusive and reserved circuits, where you can breathe the history of a great and exciting past.

Made in Italy: a famous way of saying, and a quality mark, a guarantee that characterizes the excellent Italian industry. From shoes to pret-a-porter, from bicycles to cars, from food and wine excellence to artisan productions: Italian products are recognized worldwide for quality and reliability, for the imagination and originality of design, for taste and the unmistakable style. Our tours lead travelers to discover the places of Made in Italy up close, to see how tipical  products are created, to connect with the tradition and the culture that generated them.



Cozy and romantic, in all its forms: poetry, architecture, music, have their highest expressions in Italy. It’s an endless network of art, culture and landscapes, tradition and diversity, fun and experiences. Italy has always been considered as the favorite and ideal destination for family travels, with friends, and an amazing destination for dreamlike honeymoons.

There are between 60 and 80 million Italian of origin in the world: many of them are moved by curiosity, by instinct or by the nostalgia of traveling to visit the places of origin of their family, by the desire to return and to know, of to visit and experience the territories steeped in family memory. A special, experiential journey that offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the place not only for vacation, but to experience emotions and sensations related to family history and therefore an incomparable value



Everywhere in Italy, from north to south, it is possible to experience a different kind of vacation, dedicated to relaxation and well-being: from national parks, oases of incomparable beauty, to natural thermal springs, famous for their excellent therapeutic and health treatments. There are still ancient thermal areas that have remained intact for centuries, preserving its primordial charm: natural saunas, caves hidden among the vegetation, excellent for restoring body and spirit.

Off the beaten tracks, and looking for places of incredible beauty and millenary traditions, our tours to Southern Italy lead to sensational, unexpected and certainly interesting discoveries: from the Amalfi Coast to Puglia, from Calabria to Sicily, along the roads of Magna Graecia, following the traces of a past and of artistic, historical, gastronomic traditions of excellence, surrounded by unspoiled nature.



In a historic city or on the sea, up on a mountain or near a lake, Italy is the right place to welcome and host large groups and events. The availability of accommodation facilities suitable for conferences, meetings and international events is at the highest standards, and suitable for every need. Not least, with the advantage of a country that can provide invaluable beauty scenarios.

All the religions of the world, precisely because of ancient history, can be found in Italian cities and monuments: one of the most significant spiritual places in the world, for centuries Italy has been the destination of those who have faith, and who want to know at its roots a tradition that has been able to create faiths, philosophies, myths, legends and millenary traditions. Pilgrims in Italy can visit places of worship of the Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical religion, but also Jewish, Islamic and other Christian faiths, located in historic, cultural and artistic sites of high value.



Italy is the heart of Europe, and the epicentre of every journey in the old continent. Thanks to its position Italy can be part of tours that begin, pass through, or end in other countries, whether leisure trips, spiritual, thematic. Iberian Peninsula, Central and Eastern Europe, Mediterranean countries, Balkans and Israel are destinations that easily integrate with the “destination Italy”, and are part of our programs.

Italy is an ideal destination for extraordinary moments of learning and discovery for schools of all levels. Thematic itineraries can be adapted to every need and age. The wide availability of facilities suitable to accommodate sports groups, and the possibility of making tours, meetings and twinning at any time of the year, and for each discipline, makes it among the most aspired destinations in Europe.